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Photo Thursday Theme “moni”

I picked the same picture shown earlier in this blog “Mallards take off” from January 2005.

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Canon 20D, 300/4, f10

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a big hobby in Finland.  Last weekend we had a  happening where thousands of families were watching and identifying birds in their home yards.  One very popular place is  Lauttasaari, less than 5 kilometers from downtown Helsinki.  Picture taken in February 2008.

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Canon 5D 16-35/2.8 at 16 mm, f 13

Not So Sharp Bird Picture

No one can always succeed, movement is not stopped here.  A flying chaffinch. Picture taken in April 2008.

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(Canon 1DMIIN + 500/4 at 8 )


Canon 1DMIIN + 500/4 at 8

Mallards Take Off

The attached picture was taken in January 2005 in Helsinki.  There is a power station in Salmisaari emptying part of its cooling waters to a small bay and  keeping there a small area unfrozen.  I was approaching the place when mallards decided to leave and I managed to get this shot.  Exposure is a bit long (1/250)  and does not completely freeze movement but perhaps  improves atmosphere  in the picture.

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Canon 20D, 300/4 mm at 11

Top 100 Shots

I am keeping a photo gallery at with a principle that there is shown always my 100 best shots and new candidates to Top 100.  Internet is full of good pictures, better pictures and best pictures. Therefore I think it really does not make much sense to show too many pictures, no one will actually look all of those.  I chose to show my 100 best and I know, it is  many.  I have also selected my Top 12 in its own folder. One of these is a picture of a dipper, that fascinating small bird dipping and diving  in the Northern streams.  I do not know how light is behaving  because here is a feeling that light emerges from inside snow.  This is not the case, the shot was taken in the middle of a day in March. Picture is taken at Juutua river in Inari, Lapland.

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Canon 1DMIIN + 500/4 at 6.3


Because out is dark and snowing I chose to look at my old pictures.  In my series of “birds staring at photo taker” I found a picture of a jackdaw.

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Canon 1DIIN, 500/4, f5.6

360 Degrees Panoramas

I have a couple of favorite places, rapids close to Espoo manor and Lauttasaari.  Today was a good weather to take panorama shots because of overcast skies, and no differences  in exposure between the shots. Picture is  from Lauttasaari.  Click the box, click  the pic  and scroll!


Canon 5D, 16-35/2.8 at 27 mm,f7.1 CP-filter

Sanni and Mom

Actually I did not know about the nail paintings of my wife before seeing this picture on the screen.  Here is the same picture both in color and black&white.  Which one you like more? (Canon 5D, 85/1.2 at 2.2) Click the pictures!090116-sanni-crop-betw-net2-img_8095


Lauttasaari Sun Set

The picture taken on 8th December 2008 in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.  The sun was shining through a small zone almost clear of clouds near to the sea level  There were a couple of fisher men.    Somehow  develops a kind of optic illusion; those tho fishermen like being above the see. Picture taken by a big lens (Canon 1DIIN + 500/4 at 8.0). Click the picture!


Lake Inari

Lake Inari  is the third largest lake in Finland. It is located in the northern part of Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. The lake is 117–119 meters above sea level. The freezing period normally extends from November to early June.  The most well known islands of the lake are Hautuumaasaari (“Graveyard Island”), which served as cemetery of ancient Sami people and Ukonkivi (“Ukko’s Stone”), a historical sacrifice place of the ancient habitants of the area. There are over 3,000 islands in total. Trout, lake salmon, white fish, perch and pike are found in Lake Inari’s waters.  The lake covers 1,040 square kilometres. It empties northwards to Barents Sea.

The panorama picture is taken on the first of June in 2008 at Inari lake, close to Inari village.  Ice is just disappearing  at a small bay.  All ice was gone around 12th June. The picture   is stiched of three pictures  by Photoshop. (Canon 5D, 16-35 at 22 mm, 7.1). Click the picture! Cick the picture again!0806-uho-prama2-net2

Waiting for the Summer

It is raining, water, on 11th January in Helsinki! To spend my day I was browsing through my pictures and stopped here.  The picture is taken in Neiden, Norway  in July 2007.  Neiden river is one of the best salmon rivers in Europe, and a very good one for fly fishing.  I took the picture (Canon 1DMIIN + EF 500/4 at 6.3) from down stream.  A big lens is packing the view and making the rapids looking bigger and stronger as they really are. Click the picture!


Venla and waders

I made a major lens investment by acquiring  Canon EF 85 1.2 L lens to take portraits.  So far there has not been much opportunities to use it but here is Venla, my grand daughter in a toy shop.  You can see well the famous bokeh of the lens.  The picture is sharp in her eye which is important in portraits.


Below is another picture by the same lens.  Those two small flying waders just happened to be in the shallow focus distance.


Both pictures at aperture 1.2. (Canon 5D)

Mute Swan

Many mute swans try to stay in the southern Finnish coast as long as possible and  avoid migration. People are feeding them. Picture taken in Lauttasaari on 4th January, Helsinki. (Canon 1DMIIN+EF500 4 L IS +monopod)090104-l-saari-crop-net-rike79823

4th of January

There is a good place to take bird shots in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.  A bird feeding station in the middle of spruces, easy to stay at the bird eye level, lots of space behind, good light and many but usual birds.   Today’s catch was among others pheasants (Canon 1D MIIN + EF 500 4 L IS and monopod). More today’s pictures at photos/all pictures.090104-l-saari-crop-net-rike78421

Espoo Golf Course

We still do not have snow in Helsinki area.  I went to my golf course to take some frost shots.  There are  round willow type trees around the 15th green. I used my Canon 5D and EF 24-105/4L lens without any filter.  I cloned out the sticks and ropes around the green in  front of the picture.  You can see more golf course pictures in Top 100 Shots. (Canon 5D + 24-105/4 at 10)