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Photo Thursday Theme “moni”

I picked the same picture shown earlier in this blog “Mallards take off” from January 2005.

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Canon 20D, 300/4, f10

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a big hobby in Finland.  Last weekend we had a  happening where thousands of families were watching and identifying birds in their home yards.  One very popular place is  Lauttasaari, less than 5 kilometers from downtown Helsinki.  Picture taken in February 2008.

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Canon 5D 16-35/2.8 at 16 mm, f 13

Not So Sharp Bird Picture

No one can always succeed, movement is not stopped here.  A flying chaffinch. Picture taken in April 2008.

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(Canon 1DMIIN + 500/4 at 8 )


Canon 1DMIIN + 500/4 at 8

Mallards Take Off

The attached picture was taken in January 2005 in Helsinki.  There is a power station in Salmisaari emptying part of its cooling waters to a small bay and  keeping there a small area unfrozen.  I was approaching the place when mallards decided to leave and I managed to get this shot.  Exposure is a bit long (1/250)  and does not completely freeze movement but perhaps  improves atmosphere  in the picture.

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Canon 20D, 300/4 mm at 11

Top 100 Shots

I am keeping a photo gallery at with a principle that there is shown always my 100 best shots and new candidates to Top 100.  Internet is full of good pictures, better pictures and best pictures. Therefore I think it really does not make much sense to show too many pictures, no one will actually look all of those.  I chose to show my 100 best and I know, it is  many.  I have also selected my Top 12 in its own folder. One of these is a picture of a dipper, that fascinating small bird dipping and diving  in the Northern streams.  I do not know how light is behaving  because here is a feeling that light emerges from inside snow.  This is not the case, the shot was taken in the middle of a day in March. Picture is taken at Juutua river in Inari, Lapland.

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Canon 1DMIIN + 500/4 at 6.3


Because out is dark and snowing I chose to look at my old pictures.  In my series of “birds staring at photo taker” I found a picture of a jackdaw.

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Canon 1DIIN, 500/4, f5.6

360 Degrees Panoramas

I have a couple of favorite places, rapids close to Espoo manor and Lauttasaari.  Today was a good weather to take panorama shots because of overcast skies, and no differences  in exposure between the shots. Picture is  from Lauttasaari.  Click the box, click  the pic  and scroll!


Canon 5D, 16-35/2.8 at 27 mm,f7.1 CP-filter