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Top 100 Shots

I am keeping a photo gallery at with a principle that there is shown always my 100 best shots and new candidates to Top 100.  Internet is full of good pictures, better pictures and best pictures. Therefore I think it really does not make much sense to show too many pictures, no one will actually look all of those.  I chose to show my 100 best and I know, it is  many.  I have also selected my Top 12 in its own folder. One of these is a picture of a dipper, that fascinating small bird dipping and diving  in the Northern streams.  I do not know how light is behaving  because here is a feeling that light emerges from inside snow.  This is not the case, the shot was taken in the middle of a day in March. Picture is taken at Juutua river in Inari, Lapland.

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Canon 1DMIIN + 500/4 at 6.3