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Thursday Theme “Murtumia”

“Murtumia” means breaks or cracks.  Here is a piece of art in nature. Level in the sea rises, water ices, level escapes, thin layer of ice sticks to branches and breaks.

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Canon 300D, 300+1.4x, f 6.3

Woodpecker Season

Mid winter is a good time to woodpecker photos.  Here is a Three-toed Woodpecker in Seurasaari (Canon 1DMIIN, 500+1.4x at f5.6) and a Black Woodpecker (Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4 at f4) in Lauttasaari.

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Thursday Theme “Drama”

Here is children’s drama in a kindergarten.

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Canon 20D, 24-105 at 105 mm,f16

Bearded Reedling in Espoo

I went out to look for bearded reedlings at the coastline of Espoo and  was lucky to find these peculiar birds. They are wetland specialist, breeding colonially in large reedbeds by lakes, seasides or swamps. It eats reed aphids in summer, and reed seeds in winter, its digestive system actually changing to cope with the very different seasonal diets.

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Canon 1DIIN, 500/4 at5.0

Thursday Theme “Helmikuu on helmi”

The theme does not translate well, by words it is “February is a pearl”. February is in Finnish  “Pearlmonth”.  In Pearlmonth water drops on trees freeze forming ice pearls. The picture is taken in Pearlmonth at lake Inari.  There is growing a tall pine on the roof of a huge stone. Time is still early for water drops in this very Northern place.

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Canon 5D, 16-35 at 16 mm, f 9

Not So Inspiring 8th of February

It is tough to get inspired  when it is raining and grey  in early February in Helsinki.  What a miserable day!

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Canon 1DIIN, 70-200/4 at 200 mm, f 4

Photo Thursday Theme “Kello viiden tee, Syanidilla, kiitos”

Theme  “Five  a clock tea, with Cyanide, thank you”.

Tea in the bag?

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Canon 5D, 300+1.4x, 5.6