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Dippers in Inari

Today was a beautiful day in Inari, at the very top of Finland.  There is a rapid area Jurmu-koski where about 20 dippers are wintering.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f 5.6

Thursday Theme “Kitchen”

Some meters away from a French kitchen.

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Canon 20D, 100/2.8, f2.8

White-backed Woodpecker

I went out on Sunday to look for Bearded Reedlings in Espoo coast line without results. When coming to Laajalahti I found many photo takers and one rarity, a white-backed woodpecker.  The bird is not shy but allows photographing from as close as five meters.

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090322-laajalahti-valkosselka-crop-net-rike03051Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f5.6

Thursday Theme “The Law of Murphy”

Here the law came true for a Siberian Tit. He thought finding some food but hit a fishermans fly.

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070314-inari-lapintiainenCanon 20D, 300/4 f6.3

Tree Creeper

I lured tree creepers by playing their singing from my i-Pod. Worked very well.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f4

Thursday Theme “Departure”

I take freedom of interpreting the theme very broadly.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f6.3

Porkkala Peninsula

I went out to look for long-tailed tits in Porkkala. I did not find those, so I took landscape pictures.  Here is one panorama.

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Canon 5D, 16-35, 16 mm, f11

Thursday Theme “Out from a cap”

“Pipo kuin pipo”.  Cap like any other cap.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f5.6

First of March in Inari

We visited (together with my brother Heikki) Neljän Tuulen Tupa in Kaamanen, Inari.  They opened this season today and we were the first customers. There will be visiting many bird watchers and photo takers soon.

Click the picture taken at lake Inari in the village of Inari and click again.  (Canon 5D, 24-105 at f10, stitched from three shots)


Canon 5D, 24-105 at f10, stitched from three shots