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Dippers in Inari

Today was a beautiful day in Inari, at the very top of Finland.  There is a rapid area Jurmu-koski where about 20 dippers are wintering.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f 5.6

Thursday Theme “Kitchen”

Some meters away from a French kitchen.

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Canon 20D, 100/2.8, f2.8

White-backed Woodpecker

I went out on Sunday to look for Bearded Reedlings in Espoo coast line without results. When coming to Laajalahti I found many photo takers and one rarity, a white-backed woodpecker.  The bird is not shy but allows photographing from as close as five meters.

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090322-laajalahti-valkosselka-crop-net-rike03051Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f5.6

Thursday Theme “The Law of Murphy”

Here the law came true for a Siberian Tit. He thought finding some food but hit a fishermans fly.

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070314-inari-lapintiainenCanon 20D, 300/4 f6.3

Tree Creeper

I lured tree creepers by playing their singing from my i-Pod. Worked very well.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f4

Thursday Theme “Departure”

I take freedom of interpreting the theme very broadly.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f6.3

Porkkala Peninsula

I went out to look for long-tailed tits in Porkkala. I did not find those, so I took landscape pictures.  Here is one panorama.

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Canon 5D, 16-35, 16 mm, f11