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Siberian Jay

Siberian Jay is a symphatetic bird found in old forests in Lapland.  Birds are not shy and very curious.   They were five around me when I took this picture in Inari.


Canon 1DMIIN 500/4  f7.1

Thursday Theme “Deserted”

The theme in Finnish “autio” does not translate well.  I picked “deserted”.

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Canon 5D, 16-35/2.8 at 21 mm,f7.1

Common Bullfinch

Common bullfinches are common in Northern Finland.  This was photographed in Kainuu.

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090412-jussila-crop-net-rike2570-1Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f5.6

Thursday Theme “Arrival”

I browsed through my galleries and found a kind of arrival.

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090222-seurasaari-crop-net-rike9435Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f4

Blue Tit

We enjoyed Easter time in Kainuu, Central Eastern part of Finland.  I took some pictures and tried recordimg of bird voices with a Olympus LS 10 and Telinga Pro7 parabolic microphone.

I like this Blue Tit picure much.  Click it!

090412-jussila-crop-net-rike2665Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4

Thursday Theme “Violet”

Violet is the colour of Common Hepatica (Kidneywort, liverwort, pennywort, sinivuokko).  You maybe can find those now in  South Finland.

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Canon 300D, 75-200/4, at 200, f11

Pine Grosbeak

While being in Lapland I went to look for Dippers, Pine Grosbeaks, Siberian Jays and Whooping Swans. I found all of these and in addition Common Redpolls.

Pine Grosbeak boy is red and girl is yellow.

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090331-kaamanaen-kuurna-crop-net-rike1052Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4 f5.6

Thursday Theme “What is this?”

So, what is this?

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050916-inari-7406-01Canon 20D, 100/2.8, f9.0