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Thursday Theme “In order not to forget”

Difficult again. I picked a shot taken in  a bar in Key West, Florida.  People leave their visit cards and some ladies even their bras in the bar in order to be not forgotten.

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Thursday Theme “räiskyvä”

I do not know how the word “räiskyä” translates. A dictionary proposes splash, but I think that is  referring to water!  However in the picture autumn colors räiskyvät.

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A sunny day in Helsinki

I went out to see if there is something in Lauttasaari.  It was very quiet.  I took some shots of a squirrel and noticed this flying ship leaving an interesting fume behind.

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Thursday Theme “If there is no trees on a mountain smaller plants will play the role of a king”

Hmmm … a little bit of challenge in the theme.  Here is my try.

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050115-laajalahti-sammal-2-new crop-net-1158

Thursday Theme “The Moon”

The moon bridge at lake Inari in Lapland.