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A flora picture in the middle of winter

Why do these berries of thorn are not good for birds even though this winter is very harsh?

Seurasaari 27.01.2010

The sunny but chilly period is just about to end now in Helsinki.  Today was bitter cold when the wind started blowing.

Pigeon in Seurasaari

River that does not freeze

At least not completely.  The night was crisp, -20 or colder. There were fresh otter traces around.  Maybe I find otters tomorrow?

Winter landscape at Helsinki seaside

All country has been under snow many weeks. Lauttasaari is one of my favorites to take seaside pictures.

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Eurasian Pygmy-owl and Eagle Owl in Seurasaari-Helsinki

Seurasaari in Helsinki is a paradise of  owl spectators.  Today I found the smallest (Eurasian Pygmy-owl) and the biggest (Eagle Owl).

Fabulous Winter Scene in the Night

I took a walk with my gear and snapped some pictures at Espoo coast line yesterday night.

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Töölönranta Winter Pic in Helsinki

The landscape is a half mile apart from the Parliament House in Helsinki.

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Postcard Pic in Helsinki Fabulous Winter

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Winter in Helsinki 11.01.10

Helsinki is under fascinating white cover.  Here is a sample.

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Seurasaari in Helsinki

Seurasaari is an island very close to Helsinki down town.  There are forests enough to inhabit for instance Eagle Owl, Black Woodpecker, Three Toed Woodpecker, many hawks like Northern Goshawk and many others.  Some birds, like a Blue Tit in the picture are really used to people.

More Bearded Reedlings

We were four people taking thousands of pics to record a lunch of these fascinating birds on a sunny day in Espoo.

Bearded Reedlings

These interesting birds were found in Denmark in 1972 and now the are in many flocks in Southern Finland!

Guess What?

What is this?  Shot on the 6th January in Espoo, Finland.

Winter 06.01.2010

Winter is beautiful!

New Year and Return from Kainuu

The first day of 2010 turned on as bitter cold and bright.  I went skiing in Vuokatti and when returning snapped the picture.  It is midday but the sun is very little above the horizon.  Day hours are  around  4.