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Sunset at Saukkovaara – Kainuu

Winter has been good even though here in Kainuu is not much snow. Snow stays on trees like glued  at high altitudes.

Why elephants are hiding under snow cover up here?

Thursday Theme “Snow”

Lots of snow this winter! Billons of snow shots taken.  This is our winter palace!

No birds today but a different kind of landscape shot

I went around in Seurasaari but it was very quiet.  I tried a new way of landscape shooting by 500 mm lens. Photo by Canon 1DIIN, f 6.3, held vertical.  Photo stitched from three pics by Photoshop.

Black woodpecker in Seurasaari

Black woodpecker is our largest woodpecker.  They used to be rare in cities but this is not the case any more. The urbanised birds are fearless and then easy to photograph.

Ural owl in Seurasaari

Winter has been tough for owls, cold, lots of snow and few voles.  Luckily this ural owl looks to be in a good condition.

This is winter

Has been snowing for many days and it goes on.  Picture taken in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.