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The sun is back!

Has been grey and misty for many days. A weatherman promised the sun to appear this afternoon and it worked out!  I took the picture in Lauttasaari, Helsinki and it shows the power of the autos focus system of Canon EOS 7D camera to a moving target. The camera is capable to focus through the branches of trees.

Blue Tit in Kainuu

Blue Tit is one of my favorite birds.  You could call it Swedish Tit, too.  Pic shot in Kainuu where we are enjoying sunny but cold days.

Thursday Theme “Still life”

The picture was taken last winter when a day was really lousy in Helsinki.

Ice art

It is time for nice ice shots, water is released by the sun in day time and iced again in night time.  Here is an example, shot at Kartanokoski riverside by a big lens.