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Thursday Theme “The Spring”

This spring is late. Common hepaticas are at their best just now.

Bottom of a river in Lapland

River Sulaoja in Karigasniemi, Lapland.  I went looking for migrating birds because this river is known to be free of ice cover through winter.  I did not find birds but I found a freely flowing river. I took this shot using a circular polarizer which functions as polarized sun glasses, reducing reflections.  As you see water is crystal clear.

Thursday Theme “Picture of bottles”

Here is one modern version of  bottles.

Thursday Theme “Jump”

Here is a gold crest jumping in late March this year telling that at least some of our smallest birds survived  tough winter.

Pine Grosbeaks in Lapland

Neljän Tuulen Tupa is located in Kaamanen, 30 kilometers north of Inari village. They started feeding birds some years back and today many of their customers are bird photographers from everywhere in the world.  Their main attraction are pine grosbeaks, these colorful birds, female being yellow and male red. Birds start coming in late February and in April there is about one hundred grosbeaks around the house. There are also many common redpolls who are singing loudly and siberian tits.

Will Baltic Princess crash?

Of course will not.  The photo is showing the packing power of a big tele lens, here 500 mm.  There is lots of water and distance between the islands even though it does not look like that. Baltic Princess is entering  West Port in Helsinki. Kustaanmiekka is a famous very shallow channel through which big ferries enter Helsinki South Port.