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Neiden river – Koltta falls

While fishing at the river I took some time to photograph Koltta falls in Neiden river (Näätämö in Finnish) .  It is pretty impressive even though water level is  low for the time being.  Salmon goes easily up the falls.

Stone river

It is perhaps a little difficult to see the river but it is there, under the stones.  The green color is here very strong and pure, it is simply striking.  The place is Kivioja, some miles west if Inari village.


I went out with my gear to the southern side of Juutua river. Water runs here through a shallow channel. I like this picture with a long exposure time.  There is a trace of a drop on the lens which needs to be photo shopped out.

Disappearing waters

Jäniskoski (Hare rapids) in Juutua river close to Inari village. Perhaps the most impressive rapids in  Juutua.  Waters are running through a shallow channel.  There is a fire place at the northern side of the rapids.  If you visit Inari, Jäniskoski is a must to go.

Made by man or not?

When hiking at the riverside of Inari-river close to Angeli in Lapland we found this set up of round stones. One stone in the middle and four  around.  Looks like made by man and maybe “Seita”, a holy  place of ancient people?

A picture taken five meters from the cottage

Sometimes you do not need to go far.  I was photographing mushrooms and lichen in the woods and when getting back to our cottage I took this pic. I like it!