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Boat Racing at River Lemmenjoki

Tourists can reach the main attractions Ravadas falls and Gold Haven by boat at Lemmenjoki National Park.  The boats are very long, shallow and fast. The drivers are local, experienced men.

Fantastic Catamarans at Lake Inari

A very different photographing opportunity was offered to me in Inari, to photograph two catamarans from bird view. I was flying together with the  pilot Eero Siira by a small two seat water plane windows open at height of about 100 meters shooting the cats.  Both boats are designed and built by Mauri Rautiainen. The bigger boat m/y Inari III is cruising commercially at Lake Inari daily and the smaller boat is in Mauris’ private use. It was a surprise to meet  Eero at the plane quay.  He is my  mate from  early school times  in Oulu and we did not know beforehand meeting this way.