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Saukkovaara in Kainuu – the deepest snow in Finland

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Kainuu in Central Eastern part of Finland has usually the deepest snow, and Saukkovaara where our family cottage is located has the deepest snow in Kainuu.  For now there is more than one meter deep snow layer.  I enjoyed skiing holiday with my family including granddaughters  Venla, Sanni and Hertta.

The spruces look like candles, tall and thin.  The branches do not hold much of snow, so  they do not break easily.

Skiing lady

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It was cold yesterday. There was no wind.  Every Finn knows how to ski cross country. I was lucky to have this skiing lady into my pics. She is skiing very beautifully, she really knows how to ski. Photos taken by a big lens (500 mm).

Winter Action

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Finally ice in the sea is supporting. Kite skiers are happy to race back and forth along the shore.

Just Right Amount of Sun Light

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Has been cold for several days.    Cold air sweeping over open sea has created lots of snow falls. However, there was a glimpse of sunlight, just the right amount for the pic.

Could Be in the Moon…

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…if the tree was not there.   Lauttasaaari, Helsinki on a cold day when some sea fog was hovering on the ice.  Picture taken at noon when light is very hard.  There is practically no colors in  the complete whiteness.

Suomenlinna – a UNESCO World Heritage site

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I visited Suomelinna today in hope of a good sunset. One of those red boats was pushing there towards Harmaja lighthouse.