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Flowers of Spruce


Flowers of spruce are beautifully colored. Espoo, Finland.

Art by Nature on a Stone in Lapland


Many stones in Lapland are covered by lichen. Some of them are real pieces of art. Inari, Lapland 2010.

The moose (North America) or Eurasian elk (Europe) in Lapland


Picture taken on 31st May 2009 in Inari, Lapland. As shown there is almost no leaves on trees.

Wonderful Fog


I went out a year ago very early in the morning to look for birds.  I did not find birds, but hit this dense fog when the sun was rising from behind the forest. Picture taken in Kainuu, Central Eastern Finland.

Bohemian Waxwing


Beautiful bohemian waxwings nest in northern parts of Finland.  Picture taken last year  in May in Kainuu, Central Eastern Finland.

Heartsease, Heart’s Ease or Love-in-idleness (keto-orvokki)


They form very beautiful mats on dry places in the forests. Now is the best time of the year to shoot flora here where the days are very long.

Common Bilberry


Flowers look first quite modest but watching carefully one can see their real beauty.

Pochards and a Tufted Duck in Race


I went out today to look for something to shoot.  No, nothing. I decided to take a pic from roughly one year ago. Suomenoja, Espoo, Finland.

Flowers of Spring II




Beth evans.

Fiskarsinmäki, Espoo, Finland. I’m not sure of the names.

Perfect Match


between the color of trunk of a birch tree and a three-toed woodpecker. Espoo, Finland 2005.

Gas Station for Boats


Suvisaaristo, Espoo, Finland.

Common Terns Catching

and they hit every time!


I was watching these fantastic birds for a couple of hours.  They catch every time.