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Marsh Labrador tea, northern Labrador tea or wild rosemary (Rhododendron tomentosum)


I flew today to Inari, Lapland to start my annual fly fishing trip at Neiden river in Northern Norway.  I found a dense bush of these beautiful flowers  on the offside of a road.



Espoo, Finland.

Red campion


Espoo, Finland.  85/1.2 lens, photographed directly from above.

Thunder Storm Approaching


Lake Inari, Lapland. Picture taken mid June when the leaves on trees are still small and bright green.

She Is Looking after Them


The Common Merganser (North American) or Goosander (Eurasian) (Mergus merganser). Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.

Eider Family


A family of two mothers and four kids. Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Simply Pretty


Stitchwort or chickweed (Stellaria), Espoo, Finland.

Fast Boat Crossing Lake Inari


I do not like the quality of the pic too much but I do like the atmosphere it creates. Those long river boats are common in Lapland.

Chicks of Goldeneye Jumping out from Nest Box


I was visiting last weekend our summer place at lake Inari in Lapland. We have five nest boxes on our ground and four of them were occupied. I was lucky to see how the chicks jump out from the box. I noticed that a female bird was behaving in a weird way, swimming in circle and making some noise.  Actually she was asking chicks to come out. They jumped out one by one, very quickly.  She counted them, and immediately when all six were in water the goldeneye started to swim out from the coast line. The chicks followed, of course. The whole episode took only about two minutes.  Impressive!

Meadow Buttercup


Shot by 85/1.2 lens wide open.

Flowers of Sorbus


You need to look from a very short distance to see the beauty of these flowers.

Sailing Boats


Lauttasaari is an excellent place for shooting, winter and summer and there in between. Helsinki, Finland.

Wild Flowers


In the offside of a road in Espoo, Finland.



In the zoo, Korkeasaari,  Helsinki, Finland.

Place in France Where River Disappears


I was fly fishing in France a couple of years ago. We visited a place where the river flows underneath the surface.  So,  this is the place where the river is close but you cannot see it.

Terns with Hinged Wings


The terns look like having hinges in the wings. The birds were playing in air and this is part of the play.

Lovely Spring


The spring is really lovely.  It is located in the middle of a forest in Kainuu, Central Eastern Finland.  Crystal clear water is pushing white sand up in forms like clouds.

Greens of Early Summer are Bright

Sininen polku (Blue Trail) is located close to the Finnish-Russian border in Kuhmo. The path goes along a long crest between small lakes and swamps.  The summer is still very early, leaves on the trees are still not in full size and colors are light and bright.

Mourning Cloak (NA) or the Camberwell Beauty (Britan), (Nymphalis antiopa)


Went hiking this morning together with my wife, Marja-Leena. We walked around a lake in Kainuu (Eatern Central Finland) to look for birds but found this beautiful large butterfly. It was lying nicely on boardwalks.