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Ritakoski at Juutua River in Lapland


A HDR picture of Rita rapids.

So Simple



Small Tortoiseshell


I made a major investment and purchased the new Canon flagship body EOS-1 DX.  I received the camera yesterday after having been waiting for about 5 months.  I acquired a 7D a couple of years ago on purpose to get more resolution and speed compared to my 5D and 1DMIIN. However, I never liked the quality of the pics out from 7D because of high noise level even at fairly low ISO values.  I made some trial shots with 1DX, and I can confirm what is said in the reviews; the quality of the pics is excellent with almost no noise at least up to ISO 1600.  The pic above is shot using ISO 800 ( some sharpening and a little noise reduction done) and there is practically no noise (click twice).

I will head to Lapland for a month or so and make extensive testing of the new camera. The sun is stills shining long hours there so I will have lots of time to shoot.

Bristly Bellflower (Campanula cervicaria)


Espoo, Finland.   One does not see these bellflowers very often.

Rush Hour at Helsinki Seaside


A sunny day in Helsinki, the fairways are busy. Cormorants are watching.

Neiden Rapids as HDR


I tried how does Photomatix HDR software do with fast flowing water.  Neiden, Norway.

Hertta and Two Dolls


She is Hertta,  my youngest granddaughter, 2 years old in the pic, with her two dolls. Picture taken 1n 2010 using three flashes.