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White Greens


The course is closed  today.

Flying Fishermen


This time, when days are cold but water is still warm, objects far away seem to fly.

Blue Season


We call “Blue Season”  the period when the first snow hits the ground and daylight gets short.  Pictures from our hunting trip to Kainuu, Central Eastern part of Finland.



Home of my mother. Today the log house is our hunting base in Kainuu, Central Eastern part of Finland. The first snow for this season has fallen down.  Tomorrow we will start our  hunting trip to this place.  We try to find black grouses and capercaillies.



My favorite view from Lauttasaari towards Harmaja lighthouse.  Helsinki, Finland.

Wind Surfing


Was a very windy day. I did not expect to see wind surfers, but they were many.  Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.

Budapest in Daylight


I know, it is like a post card. There  must be thousands of pics like this, taken exactly from the same spot.  But it is a good spot showing Danube, bridges, big Parliament House, Margaret island, Buda hills  and river cruisers in the same image.

Budapest by Night


Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is listed as one of the most beautiful cities worldwide. It belongs to the same class as Prague or Florence. The mighty Danube crosses the city dividing it to hilly Buda and flat Pest. I visited the city together with my wife last week enjoying sunny weather.  The pic is taken handheld from the deck of a tourist boat.



We have a separate word for autumn colors and that is ruska. Picture taken in 2009 at Hietaniemi cemetery in Helsinki, Finland.

White and Color


(black) & white

and color

I almost always prefer in color. The same rapids as some posts ago.  Pictures taken in 2009.



Treemoss is found in old forests.  Inari, Lapland.

Fall Bunch

For me by her.  Inari, Lapland.

Fast and Not So Fast


Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.

Piece of Art


While visiting my favorite seaside venue, Lauttasaari in Helsinki, I came across to this presentation showing large matchsticks, I think.