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130121-helsinki-c3-RISL8060Harmaja lighthouse and two ferries coming from Tallin to Helsinki. Image taken from Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

Landscape Photography Training



I do not know but I believe here is going a landscape photography training session.  Helsinki, Finland.

Sea Skaters


130119-helsinki-c3-RISL7937 130119-helsinki-c3-RISL7990Sea skating is popular close to coasts in Finland. Today was a fantastic day for skaters. We had some very cold days and ice supports well even though here the sea was open just too days ago. In the lower pic we can see the mirage illusion and just a crescent of the setting sun.  It looks like the skaters are in air.

Sea Smoke



This morning was cold, -20 C. I was early there where the sea is still open to catch “sea smoke”.  It is really not smoke but fog.  I tried to get the picture  looking like it was, but I was not able to adjust to any better than you can see  here.  Helsinki, Finland.

The Sun Is Back


130117-helsinki-c3-RISL7713If you have followed carefully my pics you can recognize the island with a small tree in the middle.  Yes, this is Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.

Gray Days


130116-helsinki-c3-IMG_7235I was here some years back when the sky was  grey and it was raining water.  Yesterday was grey too but there was new, clean snow and minus degrees, and the drum giving some focus to the image.

If the weatherman knows, there will be some sunny and cold days ahead. This means that we could have some “sea smoke” which appears when the sea is open and temperature below -15 C.

Helsinki, Finland.



070127-helsinki-c3-RIKE9035February 2007, Espoo, Finland. Does not look too delicious.  No wonder, the image is six years old.