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Shoveler Face Off


130430-espoo-c3-RISL2722Espoo, Finland.

Black Grouses Court Displays

Video of court displays HERE



On the video there are three matches going on.

Face Off of Black Grouses


130421-paltamo-c3-RISL2387Paltamo, Kainuu, Finland.

Perfect morning, no wind clear skies.  Birds here and there.

I Said “Excuse Me”


130420-paltamo-c3-RISL2021Paltamo, Kainuu, Finland.

Setting the Hide in Place


First to look for a place at the swamp…


…and then setting the hide.

130419-paltamo-c3-RISTO LUMIA 920_20130419_008Tomorrow morning we will know if there was black grouses! You will know a little later.

Flying Together


130417-helsinki-c3-RISL1311Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.

It Is Time to Go to Frozen Swamps


120426-soidin-2-c2-RIKE0093Picture from last year. First, we need to put our hide in place a couple of days earlier.  When weather is supportive, meaning some minus degrees and supposed clear skies, we put alarms to ring at 2 am.  We should be ready in the hide before sunrise.  Usually the displays start just around sunrise and will last about 2 and a half hours.  We know exactly where black grouses fight but have only a hint where capercaillies are in their displays.   I will report results of this project as it folds out.