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Oh no, weather has not changed


130113-helsinki-c3-RISL7707but the pic is taken almost a year ago.  Lauttasaari, Helsinki.  My next post will come from Cape Town where we will stay for a month.

Pond reflection


131229-espoo-c2-3855There is not much to take pics from at this miserable weather other than  pond reflections.  Interestingly the camera is focusing somewhere else than the ground level!

Turning Tallink Star ferry by tugboats



On the same very windy day was needed  both Atlas and Artemis to turn the Tallink ferry from Tallinn around.  Normally tugboats are not needed.

It is boring!



Today  is absolute grey and rainy.  It was not boring two years ago when the sun was shining and big wind blowing. A telescape by 500/4.

A little different

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My favorite venue to shoot pics close to home  is Lauttasaari, Helsinki.  There is the sea, many islands, lots of birds, boats, fishermen, the setting sun, lighthouse etc. and my special target, a small island where stands a tree in the middle. I take a shot or two each time I go there to.

The following pics show the reason for doing so, the scene is different almost every time:

121208-lauttasaari-c3-RISL6793130322-helsinki-RISL0261121226-helsinki-c2-RISL8206121226-helsinki-c2-RISL7400121226-helsinki-RISL8043120131-lauttasaari-c2-RIKE1769120929-lauttasaari-c2-RISL3951131177-helsinki-c3-RISL1660131214-helsinki-1DX-c3-RISL2208-1Season’s Greetings To all Bloggers and Viewers!

Sunset at 03:03 PM in Helsinki


131220-helsinki-c5-2590Lauttasaari, Helsinki, today. Telescape by 500/4 lens.

Sunset by Lumia


131218-helsinki-lumia1520-c3-2Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.  Shot by Nokia Lumia 1520.