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My favorite venue to shoot pics close to home  is Lauttasaari, Helsinki.  There is the sea, many islands, lots of birds, boats, fishermen, the setting sun, lighthouse etc. and my special target, a small island where stands a tree in the middle. I take a shot or two each time I go there to.

The following pics show the reason for doing so, the scene is different almost every time:

121208-lauttasaari-c3-RISL6793130322-helsinki-RISL0261121226-helsinki-c2-RISL8206121226-helsinki-c2-RISL7400121226-helsinki-RISL8043120131-lauttasaari-c2-RIKE1769120929-lauttasaari-c2-RISL3951131177-helsinki-c3-RISL1660131214-helsinki-1DX-c3-RISL2208-1Season’s Greetings To all Bloggers and Viewers!

One response

  1. One could never be bored with a view like that! Happy Christmas

    December 25, 2013 at 5:03 pm

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