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Kayaking after sunset in Helsinki

Shutter speed 1/15 s.  Nicely people are sharp  but paddles move faster and are blurred. Shot yesterday evening after sunset in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Helsinki – take it easy now



Picture from 08/2012.   Today is such a gray, miserable day that I decided to cheer up my mind by this lovely picture I took  in the center of Helsinki.

Watching sunset


140115-kapkaupunki-c3-RISL2691Picture from Cape Town. I took the pic while shooting the sunset at Table Bay.

Cousteau fishing


131107-helsinki-c3-RISL1406Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.

Ice cream is good…if you eat it alone


130824-helsinki-c2-IMG_3087Helsinki, Finland.

Kids at Golf School


130603-golf3-c3-RISL9686Listening to  a golf pro at the practice green. Lovely girls.

Ice Breaker



At Skiing School


130331-paltamo-c3-RISL0733Puolanka, Kainuu, Finland.

A Happy Biker


Bikers at get-together rides are rather grown up.  These people have both money and time.

Hertta and Two Dolls


She is Hertta,  my youngest granddaughter, 2 years old in the pic, with her two dolls. Picture taken 1n 2010 using three flashes.

In the Cottage – Lapland, Finland

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This is  a very different picture, taken by  Jorma, my friend. The place is our cottage at Lake Inari. He shot the picture through a window and it is me there. We had yesterday fantastic  arctic lights but I missed the opportunity.  Maybe later.

Low light and sea water level in Lauttasaari

The water level was very low showing white layers in the rocks. Low light gives soft warm colours.

Winter in Helsinki 11.01.10

Helsinki is under fascinating white cover.  Here is a sample.

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Seurasaari in Helsinki

Seurasaari is an island very close to Helsinki down town.  There are forests enough to inhabit for instance Eagle Owl, Black Woodpecker, Three Toed Woodpecker, many hawks like Northern Goshawk and many others.  Some birds, like a Blue Tit in the picture are really used to people.

Thursday Theme “In order not to forget”

Difficult again. I picked a shot taken in  a bar in Key West, Florida.  People leave their visit cards and some ladies even their bras in the bar in order to be not forgotten.

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Thursday Theme on Issue “true – untrue”

There was a citation as the theme.  Here is my picture taken two days ago in Paris.

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090915-pariisi-crop-IMG_6829Canon 5D, 85/1.2

Interested in Mona Lisa?

Some people seem to be, Louvre, Paris.

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Canon 5D, 85/1.2


Thursday Theme “human”

Here is my picture to the theme “inhimillinen”.  Photo taken in Hietaniemi cemetry in Helsinki.

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081004-ruska-crop-IMG_5346Canon 5D, 85/1.2

Thursday Theme “kaksoisolentoni”

According to Wikipedia “kaksoisolento” refers to look-alike person but is much more complicated than that.   I found one in my galleries.  Not exactly but a little.


Thursday Theme “Out from a cap”

“Pipo kuin pipo”.  Cap like any other cap.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f5.6

Thursday Theme “Drama”

Here is children’s drama in a kindergarten.

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Canon 20D, 24-105 at 105 mm,f16

Photo Thursday Theme “Kello viiden tee, Syanidilla, kiitos”

Theme  “Five  a clock tea, with Cyanide, thank you”.

Tea in the bag?

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Canon 5D, 300+1.4x, 5.6

Sanni and Mom

Actually I did not know about the nail paintings of my wife before seeing this picture on the screen.  Here is the same picture both in color and black&white.  Which one you like more? (Canon 5D, 85/1.2 at 2.2) Click the pictures!090116-sanni-crop-betw-net2-img_8095


Waiting for the Summer

It is raining, water, on 11th January in Helsinki! To spend my day I was browsing through my pictures and stopped here.  The picture is taken in Neiden, Norway  in July 2007.  Neiden river is one of the best salmon rivers in Europe, and a very good one for fly fishing.  I took the picture (Canon 1DMIIN + EF 500/4 at 6.3) from down stream.  A big lens is packing the view and making the rapids looking bigger and stronger as they really are. Click the picture!