Photo Blog


Golden Eagle


The first time to me to see and photograph this amazing bird.  Utajärvi, Finland.

Sunset on ice in Helsinki


Finally we got some ice and snow in Helsinki. Unfortunately snow will disappear soon.

Coal tit

Coal tit is a small bird who does not have a comb. He never looks nicely set.


Wiews from the hide


The nest of ospreys is on a small island.  There is a fallen tree with a big chunk of roots and soil and a hole through which the lens is put out. One could call it an organic hide.

Yesterday there was three ospreys flying around. Looked like that there was one too many.

It’s beautiful out there


Back home from South-Africa. Luckily it is not too cold here.

Seven years of photo blogging


I want to thank with the flowers of Cape Town all my followers through the years.

Our stay here will end tomorrow. After 14 hours of flying we will be back in Finland on Tuesday afternoon.



Question of life or death



Cape White-eye.  The chick dropped down to our terrace and found his place on the cross.  Parents worked hard to feed him there.