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White cascade



Espoo, Finland. 11/2007.

White water



Espoo, Finland 19.1.2008.

Merry Christmas


070223-jussila-c4-IMG_1489-01The Winter Palace of our tribe in moonlight.  Kainuu, Finland.

Merry Christmas to all visitors of my blogs.  Risto

Stones Veiled by Ice


Espoonkoski, Espoo, Finland.  After snowing comes rain. Freezing forms the veils on stones. Picture taken in 2007.

Budapest in Daylight


I know, it is like a post card. There  must be thousands of pics like this, taken exactly from the same spot.  But it is a good spot showing Danube, bridges, big Parliament House, Margaret island, Buda hills  and river cruisers in the same image.

Budapest by Night


Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is listed as one of the most beautiful cities worldwide. It belongs to the same class as Prague or Florence. The mighty Danube crosses the city dividing it to hilly Buda and flat Pest. I visited the city together with my wife last week enjoying sunny weather.  The pic is taken handheld from the deck of a tourist boat.



Lake Inari, Lapland. In front of our cottage.

Thursday Theme “stream”

Here is a picture of the rapids close to Espoo Manor. I have thousands of shots taken there, this is in B&W.

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071117-espoo-koski-4-RIKE3567Canon 1DMIIN, EF 24-105/4

Thursday Theme “Before – Now”

I do interpret the theme a little broadly, maybe “Before – After”

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Canon 5D, 24-105/4, 24 mm, f 22


Canon 5D, 16-36/2.8, 16 mm, f18

First of March in Inari

We visited (together with my brother Heikki) Neljän Tuulen Tupa in Kaamanen, Inari.  They opened this season today and we were the first customers. There will be visiting many bird watchers and photo takers soon.

Click the picture taken at lake Inari in the village of Inari and click again.  (Canon 5D, 24-105 at f10, stitched from three shots)


Canon 5D, 24-105 at f10, stitched from three shots

Thursday Theme “Drama”

Here is children’s drama in a kindergarten.

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Canon 20D, 24-105 at 105 mm,f16

Espoo Golf Course

We still do not have snow in Helsinki area.  I went to my golf course to take some frost shots.  There are  round willow type trees around the 15th green. I used my Canon 5D and EF 24-105/4L lens without any filter.  I cloned out the sticks and ropes around the green in  front of the picture.  You can see more golf course pictures in Top 100 Shots. (Canon 5D + 24-105/4 at 10)