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Ice and Sun


041227-espoo-0921Picture from 12/2004.  My first DSLR Canon EOS 300D. I have posted this pic in 02/2009.

Peacock butterfly

While browsing my old pics I found this peacock butterfly lying on old plank. I shot the pic in June 2006. This species is getting more and more common in Finland.

Thursday Theme “love”

The theme is challenging.  Here is my try.

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Canon 20D, 300/4+1.4x

Thursday Theme “Murtumia”

“Murtumia” means breaks or cracks.  Here is a piece of art in nature. Level in the sea rises, water ices, level escapes, thin layer of ice sticks to branches and breaks.

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Canon 300D, 300+1.4x, f 6.3

Photo Thursday Theme “Kello viiden tee, Syanidilla, kiitos”

Theme  “Five  a clock tea, with Cyanide, thank you”.

Tea in the bag?

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Canon 5D, 300+1.4x, 5.6