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Like a Painting


120117-lauttasaari-c2-rike0763From my favorite venue in Southern Finland, Lauttasaari, Helsinki 120117.

Bearded Reedlings

These interesting birds were found in Denmark in 1972 and now the are in many flocks in Southern Finland!

Thursday Theme “If there is no trees on a mountain smaller plants will play the role of a king”

Hmmm … a little bit of challenge in the theme.  Here is my try.

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050115-laajalahti-sammal-2-new crop-net-1158

Thursday Theme “bordered”

I found this one in my photobox.

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kemiraCanon 5D, 300/4

Thursday Theme “The Law of Murphy”

Here the law came true for a Siberian Tit. He thought finding some food but hit a fishermans fly.

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070314-inari-lapintiainenCanon 20D, 300/4 f6.3

Photo Thursday Theme “moni”

I picked the same picture shown earlier in this blog “Mallards take off” from January 2005.

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Canon 20D, 300/4, f10

Mallards Take Off

The attached picture was taken in January 2005 in Helsinki.  There is a power station in Salmisaari emptying part of its cooling waters to a small bay and  keeping there a small area unfrozen.  I was approaching the place when mallards decided to leave and I managed to get this shot.  Exposure is a bit long (1/250)  and does not completely freeze movement but perhaps  improves atmosphere  in the picture.

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Canon 20D, 300/4 mm at 11