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Full of color


130911-inari-g9-c3-IMG_0323Muotkatunturi, Inari, Lapland.

Like a Japanese Garden


Lake Pautu in Inari, Lapland. Nature has set the stones and formed the waves in the bottom.

Can You Identify Two Similar Stones?


Set by nature, at the bottom of  desert lake Pautu in Lapland in Northern Scandinavia.

Suitcase under Water


I was hiking in Lapland at a desert lake Paunu together with my friends.  The lake is very beautiful, no people, crystal clear water, lots of fish and very interesting looking gravel and stones in the bottom. Here is a good example, rectangular stone with golden stripes at the both ends.

Fast Boat Crossing Lake Inari


I do not like the quality of the pic too much but I do like the atmosphere it creates. Those long river boats are common in Lapland.