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Fishing line



Lake Inari, Lapland, Finland.  09/2014

A real fisherman


131214-helsinki-1DX-c3-2141He must have strong faith in success with his fly fishing rod at -5 C.  Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland. A desaturated picture.

River boats at Teno river


130730-teno-1DX-70-200-1.4x-c3-RISL0559I tried to teach my sons salmon fly fishing at  Teno river, which is the best salmon river in Europe.  This summer has been very different, temperatures plus 20 for long periods.   If anglers like this weather salmons do not.  They get lazy and just sit in the deep pools in the river.  Anyway,  I think I was able to put some idea about this sport to my sons and their mates and hope to see them again at the river with long rods in their hands.  Most of the boats were also staying unoccupied.  These are used to take fishermen to the river.  Only locals can own and use these boats.  Salmon fishing tourism is  very important to local people here in the very north of Europe.  Utsjoki, Lapland.  FInland.

Neiden Fly Fishing Zone


Good salmon summer in Neiden, Norway even if I did not catch any this time.

Waiting for the Summer

It is raining, water, on 11th January in Helsinki! To spend my day I was browsing through my pictures and stopped here.  The picture is taken in Neiden, Norway  in July 2007.  Neiden river is one of the best salmon rivers in Europe, and a very good one for fly fishing.  I took the picture (Canon 1DMIIN + EF 500/4 at 6.3) from down stream.  A big lens is packing the view and making the rapids looking bigger and stronger as they really are. Click the picture!