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Sunny day in Helsinki in November

Yes, the sun is low and that is good for a photographer.

Leaves are almost gone

Late fall colors at lake Inari, Lapland.

A beautiful sailing ship

Sailing in full sails in front of Helsinki.

Red thunder clouds

Lauttasaari, Helsinki. Every night offers  opportunities to shoot sunset pictures.

Swan under arc



Yesterday was different. No wind and heavy mist on the Baltic sea. The sun was shining through fog behind me and somehow a white arc was formed in front of me. There was a friendly swan putting herself in the middle. Perfect!




Took some time to adjust the picture to look like it was in reality..  The key was to take highlights down to the bottom and shadows somewhat up in Lightroom. In the raw picture the sky was much more yellowish than it actually was.

Water on ice



A windy day looks like a calm one when there is water on ice.