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Arctic lights in Inari, Lapland

Wonderful arctic lights yesterday in Inari, Lapland.

After sunset at lake Inari, Lapland

On 29.7.18 was a calm and warm night in Inari.

Swans and a lighthouse

Picture taken from Suomenlinna in Helsinki.

Beautiful boat

Perhaps in a wrong place this time of the year. Should be covered as dry before cold weather comes.

Sunset at Baltic sea

Picture taken in the end of November in Helsinki.

Sunny day in Helsinki in November

Yes, the sun is low and that is good for a photographer.

Winter is back

All Lapland was nicely covered by frost some days ago when I was driving through.

Leaves are almost gone

Late fall colors at lake Inari, Lapland.

A beautiful sailing ship

Sailing in full sails in front of Helsinki.

Red thunder clouds

Lauttasaari, Helsinki. Every night offers  opportunities to shoot sunset pictures.

Sundown in Helsinki

Shot with my new Canon EOS 5DMarkIV. I sold my 7DMII and 5DMII, both of them with decent shutter counts and received from 7DMII 800 € and from 5DMII 600 €.  I paid from  the new one 3200 €.  Nothing has changed: camera bodies are Christmas presents and lenses are for life.

River Juutua in Lapland

The summer is very late an colors of leaves bright.

Torronsuo National Park

Visited yesterday  Torronsuo National Park in Southern Finland. We walked miles along duckboards and saw five cranes, only. The bog over there is very beautiful and should have this time lots of birds.

Harmaja lighthouse, Helsinki


With a fisherman, today.

Aurora borealis in Inari, Lapland


Some days ago at our cottage in Lapland.

Amazing colors



I do not like using power words but now I have to. Look at those colors and the number of the ducks enjoying.

Sundown at lake Inari, Lapland



Yesterday, after a successful fishing trip.

Janiskoski at river Juutua



Water in Janiskoski is flowing very fast due to rainy summer in Lapland.

Salmon fishing at river Tana



River Tana is the best salmon river for fly fishing in Europe.




It is pouring water today. I took the pic under umbrella.

Pretty clouds



Swan under arc



Yesterday was different. No wind and heavy mist on the Baltic sea. The sun was shining through fog behind me and somehow a white arc was formed in front of me. There was a friendly swan putting herself in the middle. Perfect!

Telescape sunset



In Helsinki, today.




Took some time to adjust the picture to look like it was in reality..  The key was to take highlights down to the bottom and shadows somewhat up in Lightroom. In the raw picture the sky was much more yellowish than it actually was.