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Thursday Theme “The Spring”

This spring is late. Common hepaticas are at their best just now.

Thursday Theme “Picture of bottles”

Here is one modern version of  bottles.

Thursday Theme “Jump”

Here is a gold crest jumping in late March this year telling that at least some of our smallest birds survived  tough winter.

Thursday Theme “Still life”

The picture was taken last winter when a day was really lousy in Helsinki.

Thursday Theme “Snow”

Lots of snow this winter! Billons of snow shots taken.  This is our winter palace!

Thursday Theme “pysähtynyt”

Some difficulty in translating the theme again – something like “standing still”. Lake Inari in the pic.

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Thursday Theme “Blue&White”

Solojärvi in Inari.

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Thursday Theme “In order not to forget”

Difficult again. I picked a shot taken in  a bar in Key West, Florida.  People leave their visit cards and some ladies even their bras in the bar in order to be not forgotten.

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Thursday Theme “If there is no trees on a mountain smaller plants will play the role of a king”

Hmmm … a little bit of challenge in the theme.  Here is my try.

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050115-laajalahti-sammal-2-new crop-net-1158

Thursday Theme “The Moon”

The moon bridge at lake Inari in Lapland.


Thursday Theme “love”

The theme is challenging.  Here is my try.

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Canon 20D, 300/4+1.4x

Thursday Theme “stream”

Here is a picture of the rapids close to Espoo Manor. I have thousands of shots taken there, this is in B&W.

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071117-espoo-koski-4-RIKE3567Canon 1DMIIN, EF 24-105/4

Thursday Theme “revenge”

Maybe a  kind of revenge?

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Canon 1DMII, 500/4

Thursday Theme on Issue “true – untrue”

There was a citation as the theme.  Here is my picture taken two days ago in Paris.

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090915-pariisi-crop-IMG_6829Canon 5D, 85/1.2

Thursday Theme “bordered”

I found this one in my photobox.

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kemiraCanon 5D, 300/4

Thursday Theme “human”

Here is my picture to the theme “inhimillinen”.  Photo taken in Hietaniemi cemetry in Helsinki.

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081004-ruska-crop-IMG_5346Canon 5D, 85/1.2

Thursday Theme “defined form”

I looked for a defined form from my bird pictures.  They are many.  Here is one.

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090405-lauttasaari-crop-net-RIKE2244Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4

Thursday Theme “ahaa”


A stone in Inari.  I think, when seeing this stone, Reidar said “ahaa”.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4

Thursday Theme “kaksoisolentoni”

According to Wikipedia “kaksoisolento” refers to look-alike person but is much more complicated than that.   I found one in my galleries.  Not exactly but a little.


Thursday Theme “Arrival”

I browsed through my galleries and found a kind of arrival.

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090222-seurasaari-crop-net-rike9435Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f4

Thursday Theme “What is this?”

So, what is this?

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050916-inari-7406-01Canon 20D, 100/2.8, f9.0

Thursday Theme “The Law of Murphy”

Here the law came true for a Siberian Tit. He thought finding some food but hit a fishermans fly.

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070314-inari-lapintiainenCanon 20D, 300/4 f6.3

Thursday Theme “Departure”

I take freedom of interpreting the theme very broadly.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f6.3

Thursday Theme “Out from a cap”

“Pipo kuin pipo”.  Cap like any other cap.

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Canon 1DMIIN, 500/4, f5.6